Below you see the last five blog entries. Click on the Title (it’s in blue) to read the entire entry on my blog site. I began blogging in July of 2011, so if you are locked away in a hotel in the Rockies for the winter, and you have an internet connection, now you have plenty to read. <smile> Enjoy!!

  • Arts and CraftsI skipped Labor Day because Orion and I spent last week visiting with my parents.  It was fun, Dad and Orion were in a parade and we all went to the Labor Day picnic.  It was hard, my uncle died the day we arrived and the grief and memories meant Mom was never quite “all […]
  • Old FriendsI had a busy week this week doing a lot of socializing and catching up.  Once upon a time, a long time ago I was involved in High School theater.   We had a foreign exchange student from Amsterdam who joined us backstage. The theater bunch in high school was pretty tight.  We all spent […]
  • BreatheThe air quality is pretty bad here, I can’t imagine what it is like in California.  This time of year the air here tends to be thick with humidity and still so the particulates from the Canadian wildfires hang in the haze.  The weather forecasters keep predicting rain, which would wash some of the particulate […]
  • BusyEverywhere Orion and I went this week it was busy.  Maybe it was my timing, but busier than what I usually find all the same. I took Orion to get his haircut and we waited a good 1/2 hour on a walk in appointment.  Now, I could have “checked in on-line”.   I could have […]
  • Happy Blog-versary to me!I got a notice from Word Press congratulating me on my blogging anniversary.  Go figure.  I can’t imagine going into this with any hope of writing for 7 years, this is my 338th post.  Funny how time flies when you’re having fun. . To celebrate, I had coffee and scones with a friend rather than […]