DSCN1739Lisa Spiral Besnett is an inspirational speaker.  She has addressed audiences from 10 to 500 and offers workshops that support her message.   Her primary topic is Daily Practice.   So many things, from spirituality to health, diet and exercise encourage daily practice.  Even creative endeavors benefit from daily practice.   Everyone recommends it, and some people are really good at it.   Lisa Spiral speaks to those who are not “Daily Practice Naturals”.

Her own experiences with chronic health issues, weight loss, spirituality and writing have challenged her time and again with the need to perform Daily Practice.  She has spent the last 40 years struggling to get out of her own way.   She offers practical suggestions based in experience to make Daily Practice accessible and useful to anybody.

Speeches/Workshop areas:

Daily Practice Sucks:  How we sabotage ourselves at Daily practice and tools to move past sabotage and into success

Reaching for the Divine:  When we need that spiritual support we are often in a crisis where it’s hardest to stay connected.  Simple practices to maintain that spiritual connection in trying times

Ooops I Did it Again:  A look at what it’s like to be a cancer patient and how much has changed in the last 30 years, and how Daily Practice can help get through.

Building Spiritual Relationships: How personal Daily Practice can impact our relationships with ourselves and others

Sitting Down or Sitting Out:  Mobility issues interfere with participation in many activities.  Strategies for finding workable solutions.